Welcome, and thank you for visiting our site.  Education is the crux of our success as a society.  Opportunity needs to be a fundamental element of every community.  However, the practice of ensuring each and every child receives the individual services needed to succeed has proven difficult for school authorities both public and private.  That’s what Outlook University Pre-College Network is for; we’re developed intentionally to offer support!  Therefore, we encourage you to explore our site with the thought of authenticated services in mind specific toward helping your organization attain its achievement goals.


Outlook University PCN will partner with national and international school authorities, post secondary institutions, and educational entities to ensure opportunity for youth to acquire real-life learning experiences that develops holistic individuals capable of adding-value to their community.  Our aim is to provide college credits for experiential based activities that gives students a head start toward professions and careers

Signature Projects

Outlook University PCN has a series of prescribed project-based activities that include a racing go-kart team, student developed and managed businesses, The FAME Singing Fudge Factory, a Pre-Medicine focused sequence of activities, and a peer teaching project designed to inspire urban youth to become educators.


-Camp Outlook for social and academic skill development.
-School programming aligned to Common Core Standards.
-School reform / Outlook University PCN has the capacity to take over failing schools.
-New school planning and implementation (Charter and Voucher School Development).
-Professional Development: curriculum development, special education services, literacy enhancement, school-wide behavior management.
-Study Abroad Initiatives and facilitation of international partnerships.